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The best Nikon P900 deals in September 2020

Nikon P900 deals
(Image credit: Nikon)

If you are looking for a camera with a big zoom built in, then the Nikon Coolpix P900 should be at the top of your shopping list. One of the best bridge cameras, it has an image-stabilized lens that offers you the equivalent range of a 24-2000mm zoom. That means it is more than capable of shooting wide-angle landscapes and interiors – but also can zoom in on that bird in a distant bush, or to get frame-filling shots of the moon. It is no surprise that this camera is a favorite for wildlife and astronomy enthusiasts.

The P900 is on the verge of being replaced with the newer, updated Nikon P950 – but this undoubtedly means that there will be some great deals on the P900 as a consequence.

Both the P900 and P950 are, of course, upstaged by the Nikon P1000, which goes 50% further with an even bigger zoom (and is a much bigger camera as a consequence). However,  the P900 not only has enough firepower for 99.9% of photographers, but it is a more manageable size, and most importantly is much more affordable. In fact there are some great Nikon P900 deals around at the moment, and below you will be able to see the best buy right now.

This 16 megapixel camera also benefits from a built-in GPS system - so can log the coordinates of the shots that you take without the need for a pen and paper. 

There is a large 3-inch LCD screen which can flip and rotate – so you can get the monitor at the perfect angle whatever the camera position. And you can even turn the screen towards you if you want to get into the picture – and turning this megazoom camera into a capable camera for vloggers, with Full HD video recording capability.

(Image credit: Nikon)

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