Get this chest-thumping GorillaPod Action Tripod Black Friday deal from Amazon UK


You can get the GorillaPod Action Tripod from Amazon UK as a special Black Friday deal for just £22.50 – that’s 32% off the list price and 25% off Amazon UK’s own previous price. This deal is available only while stocks last. (Camera not included.)View Deal

Designed for action cams like GoPro or Sony models, the GorillaPod Action Tripod is small, light and supremely flexible. Its multi-segment legs can be twisted into any shape, so you can straighten them out and use it as regular mini-tripod, or bend them around tree trunks, branches, posts or other handy bits of scenery to offer a stable support for you action cam.

Rubberised rings around the leg segments offer extra grip, and rubberised feet keep it stable on flat surfaces.

The GorillaPod Action Tripod comes with two camera attachment clips – one with the standard GoPro mount and another with a regular 1/4-inch screw fitting.

It has an integrated aluminium ball head offering 360-degree rotation and a 90-degree tilt for swapping from horizontal to vertical shooting. It even has an integrated spirit level, perfect for keeping cameras level that don’t have an LCD display.

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