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The best Black Friday drone deals in 2019

Black Friday drone deals
(Image credit: DJI)

Drones have been one of the most popular gifts over the holiday period. UAVs (or quadcopters, as they are also known) are not only much easier to fly than ever – the camera resolution has got much better, enabling you to get great aerial shots wherever you travel. You do have to watch out for the latest drone rules, to make sure that you fly safely and legally, but most of this is just common sense.

We are absolutely sure that there will be some great Black Friday drone deals this year – and this page is here to track the best ones that we find as we get closer to the yearly online sales. This year Black Friday falls on 29 November, with Cyber Monday falling unusually on the first day of December. We expect the deals to start arriving early this year, so bookmark this page – and then buy when you see the deal you fancy (the best deals can sell out fast).

The most exciting news in terms of drones this year is the very recent launch of the DJI Mavic Mini – a very lightweight 249g drone that has been designed to avoid the need for registration in the USA and the UK. It is a drone that folds up to sit on your hand, but it is a great performer too. As this is a new model, we may not see much discount on the Mavic Mini – but its arrival probably means that the cost of other drones is likely to fall, to keep themselves attractive.

Current drone deals...

DJI Spark - refurbished stock £299
The DJI Spark was one of the most affordable and portable drones when it was launched... and now has effectively been replaced by the new DJI Mavic Mini. We expect to see prices of the Spark drop over this month - but this deal on a refurbished model from Laptops Direct is going to be pretty hard to beat.View Deal

DJI Mavic 2 Zoom - refurbished stock £879.99
This is our top all-round choice for best camera drone at the moment. As the name suggests, the chief selling point of this model is the built-in zoom, that allows you to get in that bit closer to the subject and still fly safely. Has a 1in 20-megapixel sensor - and can shoot 4K HDR video. This refurbished deal lets you get all this at an affordable price.View Deal

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