The best MacBook screen cleaners in 2023

Best MacBook Screen Cleaners: Screen Mom
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The best MacBook screen cleaners are essential accessories to own. It's simple, really. Do you like your MacBook to feel shiny and new? How about fingerprint-free with nothing causing a blur over your MacBook webcam during weekly meetings? There's nothing worse than having stiff or sticky keys from coffee spills too, and if this is a recurring problem for you – then we're here to help.

It's all fun and games when you're working from home and no one can see how filthy your MacBook has gotten lately, but once it's time to head into the office or take an outing to the local coffee shop, then you should really start thinking about cleaning your screen. It's a good idea to invest in one of the best MacBook screen protectors too, as one with anti-fingerprint coatings will keep your screen smudge-free. 

Finding the best MacBook screen cleaner to suit your needs (and budget!) is a breeze. Remember that it's not just your MacBook screen you should worry about, as you might need to be extra thorough and dig deep into the charging ports to remove any dust or lint buildup, or between keys that may have gotten jammed.

If you're a photographer or content creator (which we assume you are - this is Digital Camera World after all) then you might want to invest in a decent microfiber cloth to keep your MacBook webcam looking HD for ultimate clarity. These cloths are amazing as the best camera lens cleaners too, as they don't leave any trace lines. 

Best MacBook screen cleaner in 2023

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What's the best way to clean a MacBook screen?

Apple recommends using just water and a lint-free cloth to clean your MacBook screen, but as we know, this can leave smudges and streaks in most cases so you might need a little extra help from some expert products to keep your screen looking squeaky clean. 

Absolutely never use tissue, toilet paper, kitchen towels, or paper to clean your MacBook screen, as this can result in scratches and actual damage to your display if you're not careful due to the rougher dry texture. Microfiber materials are okay to use. 

Cleaning solutions with ingredients like ammonia, acetone, or hydrogen peroxide should also be avoided as they can ruin your display and interfere with the coatings that came included on your device screen.  

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