Best dry cabinet for cameras in 2024

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Photo of dry cabinet full of cameras and lenses

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1. Best small: Ruggard 18L
2. Best 30 litre: Ruggard 30L
3. Best for 3+ cameras: TAP 38L
4. Best 50 litre: Intbuying 50L
5. Best 80 litre: Ruggard EDC-80L
6. Best 100 litre: PreAsion 100L
7. Best 180 litre: Ruggard 180L
8. Best 600 litre: EDC-600L-S
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The best dry cabinet is a great investment for any photographer to make. Yes, we're all feeling the pinch right now, with rising prices and interest rates squeezing our living standards. But sometimes, you've got to spend a little to save a lot. 

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