6 flash alternatives you really ought to try


That pop-up flash on-top of your camera can come in very handy, but how about trying these flash alternatives that can help you produce more creative, atmospheric images? Our friends and guest bloggers at Photoventure run down some of the best options.

6 flash alternatives you never thought to try: 01. Natural Light

1. Natural light

Natural light can seem in short supply when you’re shooting indoors, but if you head towards the window you’ll find that things improve dramatically. What’s more, you can use a window like a large studio softbox.

On a sunny day in the northern hemisphere the best bet is to find a north-facing window (a south facing one in the Southern hemisphere) as this will give you nice, soft light without any hard highlights or dense shadows.

If you’re shooting a portrait you can ask your subject to stand right in the window (or doorway) and get them to turn until the light works for you.

If you position a reflector opposite the window you can bounce light back onto the darker side of your subject.

Alternatively, try shooting from within the room looking towards your subject in the window and increase the exposure to blow-out the window light, but correctly exposure your subject for a high-key look.


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