Best camera settings for shooting handheld

Best camera settings for shooting handheld (free cheat sheet)

Let’s face it: even though we know it’s best to shoot with a tripod, it’s just not always possible.

For instance, it’s hardly practical for street and travel photographers. And many locations also prohibit tripods.

But with some practice you can learn how to hold a camera steady when a tripod isn’t option. Over time this becomes second nature. Yet, still, remains the dilemma on how to set up your camera for these instance.

Using a high ISO and VR/IS, you can get successful shots of interiors when shooting handheld, even in dim lighting.

Even so, you need to watch out for camera shake, so try using a pillar or wall to help steady the camera.

In our cheat sheet below we suggest some of the best camera settings for to use to give yourself the best advantage shooting handheld. Remember, these are just a starting point. Master these and from there you can exploring your creativity!

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Best camera settings for shooting handheld (free cheat sheet)

Best camera settings for shooting handheld (free cheat sheet)

Click on the cheat sheet to see the larger version, or drag and drop to your desktop.

Exposure mode
Shutter Priority (S/Tv)

Focus mode
Single or One Shot

Shutter speed
1/15 sec or faster

Set by the camera

400 or 1,600

12 to 24mm

Drive mode

White balance

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Final Tip
Watch out for bright areas such as windows, as they may cause the camera to underexpose the main interior of the building.


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