Seascape photography: how to shoot minimalist coastal compositions

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    Wet, windy weather shouldn’t get in the way of great seascape photography. Instead of shooting sunny blue skies and yellow beaches, try experimenting with moody monotone seascapes and arty minimalist compositions in the colder months.

    Seascape photography: how to shoot minimalist coastal compositions

    We went to Dunster Beach in Exmoor to play with colour and composition to create abstract landscape shots. This style is really easy to emulate – all you need is your D-SLR, kit lens and a tripod.

    Check the tide times before you travel. The tide was out for our shoot, revealing expanses of sand, rocks and seaweed. The time of day will alter the look of your shots, too. If you can time your visit for sunrise or sunset you’ll get warmer light, while the middle of the day provides colder colours.

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    How to compose minimalist seascape photography

    How to compose minimalist seascape photography: step 1

    01 Switch to Manual
    Flick your mode dial to Manual and pick a low ISO of around 100. Adjust Image Quality to RAW+Fine. This gives you more freedom to alter colour, exposure and contrast of your images in post-production. Set your camera on a tripod so you can compose images carefully.


    How to compose minimalist seascape photography: step 2

    02 Play with colour
    Try experimenting with different hues. Find the Picture Control setting in the shooting menu and switch to Monochrome for a cold, wintery look, or experiment with White Balance – Shade will warm up colours, while Bulb Incandescent creates a chilly blue cast.


    How to compose minimalist seascape photography: step 3

    03 Start composing
    Lines of foreground groynes break up natural elements for a more interesting photo. You don’t necessarily need a focal point, though. Try aligning the horizon in the middle of your viewfinder and creating a simple composition of sky, sea and sand.


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