10 wedding photography mistakes every beginner will make (and how to get better)

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    Shooting a wedding is one of the toughest assignments that a photographer can take on, there are lots of potential issues and the stakes are incredibly high. To help out, our head of testing, Angela Nicholson, has compiled a list of the most common wedding photography mistakes that photographers make when starting out shooting weddings, along with some of her best wedding photography tips for how to avoid them.

    10 wedding photography mistakes every beginner will make (and how to get better)

    Beginner Wedding Photography Mistakes: 01 Inexperience

    If your family and friends know that you own a DSLR or advanced compact system camera, the chances are pretty high that at some point you will be asked to photograph a wedding.

    It’s important to be realistic about your capabilities and experience before you commit to shooting a wedding – especially if you are to be paid to do so.

    Be honest with the couple about your experience and don’t allow anyone to bully you into taking on the job to save money if you are not confident.

    It’s also important to have the right kit. Ideally you’ll need two decent cameras and a selection of lenses along with a couple of flashguns.

    What’s more, it’s absolutely crucial that you know your equipment inside out and are confident in using it. A wedding is not the time to be trying a setting for the first time.

    If you decide that being the main photographer at the wedding is too big a step, you could always offer to take on the second photographer duties, shooting from alternative angles, getting background shots and duplicating some of the pro’s shots, it’s all good experience.

    If you decide to get serious about shooting weddings the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers ( and the Guild of Photographers ( have lots of information to offer and it’s worth considering joining.

    These organisations’ websites have forums that are a great way of getting to know other photographers, including professionals who maybe looking for a second photographer for a wedding.

    Beginner Wedding Photography Mistakes: 01 Inexperience
    Beginner Wedding Photography Mistakes: 02 Poor exposure
    Beginner Wedding Photography Mistakes: 03 Messy background
    Beginner Wedding Photography Mistakes: 04 Couple squinting in the sun
    Beginner Wedding Photography Mistakes: 05 No eye contact
    Beginner Wedding Photography Mistakes: 06 Forgetting a shot
    Beginner Wedding Photography Mistakes: 07 Equipment failure
    Beginner Wedding Photography Mistakes: 08 Messy group shots
    Beginner Wedding Photography Mistakes: 09 Forgetting the details
    Beginner Wedding Photography Mistakes: 10 Shooting JPEG files


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