Moonlight photography tips for making magical midnight landscapes

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    In our latest Professional Photographer to the Rescue post our professional photographer offers our apprentice his best moonlight photography tips for using long exposures and light-painting techniques to create amazing midnight landscape images.

    Professional Photographer to the Rescue: moonlight photography tips making magical midnight landscapes

    Meet our professional photographer

    David Clapp lives near Dartmoor in Devon, and he travels the globe shooting all kinds of landscapes, both by day and by night. He uses both natural and artificial lighting for his night shoots, and is an expert in light-painting techniques. To view David’s images and for details on his photography workshops visit

    Meet our apprentice

    Mark Lake, a teaching assistant from Paignton in Devon, is a keen landscape photographer, and wants to take advantage of the long winter nights to try light-painting and other night photography techniques.

    Technique Assessment

    Mark was only getting the night shots he was after once in a blue moon, so David helped him out with some advice on camera settings and techniques…

    Technique assessment from our professional photographer: use Manual mode

    Manual exposure
    “To control the exposure its best to shoot in Manual mode,” David advises. “Start with the aperture at around f/8, and open it wider if you need to let in more light. The experimental approach to this type of photography means you’ll need to fire off a few frames to see what shutter speed and aperture work best.”


    Technique assessment from our professional photographer: use Bulb mode

    Bulb setting
    “If you need a longer shutter speed then 30 secs you’ll need to use the Bulb setting.” David explains. “To control the Bulb mode you have to manually open and close the shutter. Press the shutter release to start the exposure, and let go to stop it – use a remote shutter release to avoid moving the camera.”

    PAGE 1: Meet our professional photographer and apprentice
    PAGE 2: Moonlight photography tips for during the shoot
    PAGE 3: Final tips from our professional photographer
    PAGE 4: Our professional photographer’s recommended gear
    PAGE 5: Shot of the Day


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