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(Image credit: Future)

The new issue of Digital Photographer is out now. 

This month we have another amazing issue for you, packed full of pro techniques, advice and insight.

Master Dramatic Black and White

Up your monochrome game with our cover feature (Image credit: Future)

Black and White photography is an ever popular topic, so we've put together an in-depth guide to capturing dramatic mono images. Learn to manage contrast, and texture, find the best subjects, work with light and even edit your shots for maximum impact. 

Master Manual


Take full control of your image creation with full manual mode. (Image credit: Future)

While many photographers know how to control the settings on their camera it can be tricky to know when and how to take full control over all aspects of the shooting process. This issue Dan Mold takes us through the main reasons for shooting manual, so if you're new to photography or just need a refresher, there is something here to make you a better photographer.

Fine Art monochrome landscapes 

Create a timeless scenic image with black and white-tailored shooting and processing (Image credit: Future)

In this issue's Creative Project assignment Peter shows you how to shoot and edit a fine art landscape scene. As is the theme for this issue, the best black and white images are created when you shoot with conversion in mind. Learn how to expose, frame and process for max drama!

Mirrorless shoot out!

The age old question: Canon or Nikon? Find out today. (Image credit: Future)

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