Seascape Photography Tips: using your 10-stop ND filter for ultra long exposures

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    Seaside Photography Tips – 05 Beach challenges

    Seaside Photography Tips - 05 Beach challenges

    Webbed feet for your tripod are great for soggy sand! We used Manfrotto 230 Snow Shoes, which cost around £20 and will fit most makes of tripod.

    For your own feet, all-terrain sandals or wellies are a good idea – and remember that seaside environments are slimy and slippery: steps can be hazardous, rocks are hard, and pools of water always end up deeper than they look!

    Salt water and spray are hard on photo equipment, so be aware of tidal changes and avoid getting anything wet.

    After your shoot, use a micro-fibre cloth to wipe down your camera, and rinse the tripod legs and webbed feet in fresh water.

    PAGE 1: Seaside Photography Tips – 01 Break the rules!
    PAGE 2: Seaside Photography Tips – 02 Camera settings
    PAGE 3: Seaside Photography Tips – 03 Attach the filter
    PAGE 4: Seaside Photography Tips – 04 How to calculate exposure (free cheat sheet)
    PAGE 5: Seaside Photography Tips – 05 Beach challenges
    PAGE 6: Seaside Photography Tips – 06 When to shoot?
    PAGE 7: Which filter to use for long-exposure seascapes


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