Seascape Photography Tips: using your 10-stop ND filter for ultra long exposures

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    Seaside Photography Tips – 04 How to calculate exposure

    Seaside Photography Tips - How to calculate exposure

    A 30-second exposure will smooth the sea and sky – this translates to a 1/30 sec shutter speed with no filter (see below).

    Set Shutter Priority mode and 1/30 sec, take a test shot (without the filter attached), and take a note of the aperture set by the camera.

    Now set Manual exposure mode, dial in 30 secs and the aperture suggested by the camera, attach the filter and take your shot; examine the histogram then tweak settings as required.

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    PAGE 2: Seaside Photography Tips – 02 Camera settings
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    PAGE 4: Seaside Photography Tips – 04 How to calculate exposure (free cheat sheet)
    PAGE 5: Seaside Photography Tips – 05 Beach challenges
    PAGE 6: Seaside Photography Tips – 06 When to shoot?
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