12 cheap gifts for photographers this Christmas that are actually pretty cool

Cheap gifts for photographers: lens mug

Whether you’re buying gifts for photographers, or looking for something for your own wish list, check out this guide to cheap gifts this Christmas. We’ve made a point to avoid some of the old, banal standbys like calendars and mouse pads and tried to find some more exciting gifts for photographers – something they might actually want to use! So if you’re stuck for last minute gifts, check out our selection below.

12 cheap gifts for photographers this Christmas that don't totally suck

Yes, it’s that time of year again. But Christmas gifts for photographers don’t have to be a DSLR costing hundreds. Instead there are a range of fun or practical, cheap gifts which are sure to be appreciated by the photographer in your life.

Or perhaps you could send this page to someone buying for you who is lacking in inspiration! Nevertheless, below is our list of cheap gifts for photographers this Christmas, ranging from the practical to the impractical but very necessary.

Christmas gifts for photographers that are actually pretty cool


01 Spare memory cards

It’s incredibly frustrating running out of memory, so while a memory card stocking filler might not be the most exciting of gifts for photographers, it is always a welcome gift. Eye-Fi cards have the added benefit of transforming a camera into a wireless and GPS enabled device, and are just that little bit more special than a bog-standard card.
Price: From £30

Cheap gifts for photographers: immature bokeh kit

02 Bokeh kit

A bokeh kit will throw out of focus areas in an image into interesting shapes. If you’re feeling particularly creative, you could try your hand at making your own, but there’s plenty available to buy, including the “immature” bokeh kit for those with a particular sense of humour.
Price: £9.99-£24.99

03 GorillaPod
When you’re out and about, it’s not always practical to carry a full tripod around with you. However, a GorillaPod acts as a pretty good substitute, with its flexible legs able to attach to lots of surfaces. There’s models for compacts, compact system cameras and DSLR cameras, with the latter being more heavy duty.
Price: from £11

04 500px pro account
500px is fast becoming the giant photo sharing site that Flickr used to be. Aimed a little more squarely at professional photographers, there are two paid for versions to choose from. The Plus account gives you unlimited uploads, unlimited sets and advanced statistics. If you want to splash out a bit more on the ‘Awesome’ account, you get tons more benefits including Google Analytics, Domain mapping and a personalised portfolio.
Price: $19.95/$49.95

05 Black Rapid Camera Strap
Standard camera straps can often be more of an annoyance than a helpful device for lifting your camera. The Black Rapid Camera strap is different, it attaches to the bottom of your camera and you wear it across your body for maximum comfort and quick access.
Price: £40


Cheap gifts for photographers: keyboard shortcut skins

06 Photoshop Keyboard Skins
Are you, or is your photographer friend, a Photoshop addict? Keyboard shortcut skins make it easy to remember all those useful shortcuts, and can be bought for desktop PCs, laptops and Macs. You can even get them for Lightroom as well, if that’s your photo editor of choice.
Price: from $15

07 Lomo Diana F+ 1960’s Retro Style Camera Kit
If you’re looking for gifts for photographers who seemingly have everything already, how about taking them right back to basics with the Lomo Diana F+. This classically styled analogue (yes that’s right, film) camera features a fixed length, fixed aperture plastic lens. And it looks kinda cool too.
Price: £49

08 PhotoBook
You’ve got two options here, you can either make a photobook from your photographer’s friends best images – if you feel confident enough to judge that is, and you have access to the high resolution files, or you could give them the motivation they need to finally order their own book with a gift voucher. There’s lots of book publishing companies available out there, but some of the best include Blurb, Bob Books and Jessops.
Price: from £20

09 iTunes gift card
Does your photographer friend own an iPhone or iPad? There’s a whole world of photographic apps out there ranging from those that create images to those that help with your digital SLR. An iTunes gift voucher removes the guilt of an online app spending splurge.
Price: from £10

Cheap gifts for photographers: LensPen SensorKlear kit

10 LensPen SensorKlear Loupe
There’s nothing worse than sensor spots spoiling an otherwise fantastic landscape shots. Getting a sensor professionally cleaned can cost a small fortune, but with a kit, you can clean your own multiple times. There’s a variety of kits available, but the LensPen SensorKlear Loupe allows you to really hone on those dusty details and remove them quickly.
Price: £49.99


Cheap gifts for photographers: lens mug

11 Lens Mug
It wouldn’t be a guide to Christmas gifts for photographers without the obligatory lens mug suggestion. But, if all else fails, a mug is usually a welcome gift. You can now get them in a variety of models, so you can give your Canon shooting friend a Canon lens mug, rather than offending with a Nikon variety (and vice versa). There’s also shot glasses, for the harder stuff.
Price: from $18

12 Inspiration
It’s no good having all the kit but nothing to photograph. If your photographer friend has got pretty much everything they could ever need, how about a bit of inspiration? Plan a trip to one of the many beautiful photo locations around the UK (and the world), and look out for special offers. Tourist information sites are a good starting point, so take a look at sites such as Visit Britain. You can get two for one deals on many attractions if you take the train, visit www.daysoutguide.co.uk.
Priced from FREE!


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