4 Camera Raw tools for image correction you have to start using

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    In our latest Raw Tuesday post on using the raw format, find out what tools Adobe Camera Raw offers for image correction. Discover the 4 best tools to fix capture-related flaws, including red-eye, noise and dust spots.

    4 Camera Raw tools for image correction you have to start using

    Adobe Camera Raw can’t prevent photo flaws caused by your lens or camera, such as dust spots or colour fringing. Nor can it preclude the sorts of defects almost always inherent in digital capture, such as noise or general ‘softness’.

    Successive versions of Camera Raw have, however, added new tools and options designed to tackle image flaws like these, all of which take advantage of the extra image data contained in RAW files and Camera Raw’s ability to edit this non-destructively. Here are four of the software’s most powerful tools for image correction.

    The Straighten Tool


    The Straighten Tool

    You can level and crop a tilted image in a single operation. If you have an image that isn’t level but contains a line that you know should be horizontal, you can level the image by clicking and dragging with the Straighten Tool along that line.

    It will also work with a vertical line. Engage [Caps Lock] to turn the cursor into crosshairs for greater precision. A crop box rotated to the angle of the line appears; it will have the aspect ratio selected in the Crop Tool’s options menu.

    Under Photoshop CS4 or Elements 7 and above, as with the Crop Tool, you can press [Enter] to apply the correction.

    In other versions it won’t be applied until you open the image in Photoshop/Elements, so you may find it easier to level the shot there, particularly if it suffers from further flaws such as perspective distortion.

    PAGE 1: Camera Raw Straighten Tool
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    PAGE 3: Removing dust spots in Camera Raw
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