50 free Photoshop actions for portrait photographers

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    In our recent Photoshop tutorial we explained the benefits of using Photoshop actions, and explained how to set them up. Now that you’ve had some time to digest this information we thought we’d just go ahead and save you the trouble – we’ve created 50 Photoshop actions for portrait photographers which you can download for free today!

    50 free Photoshop actions for portrait photographers

    Our free Photoshop actions offer all sorts of creative Photoshop effects to apply to your images, such as classic sepia tones and black and white photography treatments, ranging to funky psychedelic colours, cross-processing and high-key portraits.

    Click here to download our 50 free Photoshop actions for portrait photographers

    If you download our free Photoshop actions and use them, we’d love to see your results! Post them on our Facebook wall and let us know how they turned out.

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