Camera bags vs photo backpacks: which should you buy?

Camera bags vs photo backpacks: which should you buy?

Camera bags vs photo backpacks: which should you buy?

If you’ve bought some new lenses or an extra body recently, you’re probably finding that you’ve outgrown your camera bag. Perhaps you’re struggling with whether to buy a bigger camera bag or take the leap to photo backpacks.

There are pros and cons for both large camera bags and photo backpacks. One of the major things to consider is how long and how far you’ll be carrying your camera gear.

Photo backpacks help to spread the load, not only with padded shoulder straps, but also because much of the weight rests on the back of your pelvis.

The downside is that, in most cases, you need to take the backpack off and lay it down so that you can open the main compartment and remove your camera and whatever lens you want to use.

This can make for slow access, you may end up with a muddy backpack to put back on, and the fuss may result in you missing your shot.

By comparison, you can quickly delve into a camera bag without even needing to take it off your shoulder.

Messenger-style bags, like the one pictured above, can offer a good compromise. They can accommodate your camera gear and extra essentials, and the strap is less likely to slide off your shoulder than it is with a regular shoulder bag.

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