Off-camera flash: 3 easy ways to fire your flashgun remotely

3 easy ways to use off-camera flash

Using off-camera flash is consistently one of the most challenging aspects of photography that we hear from readers. To help you along, we spoke to our trusted experts to find the three easiest ways to fire your flash remotely.

3 easy ways to use off-camera flash: off-camera lead

01 Off-camera lead
The simplest way to fire a flash away from the camera is to use a lead that fits between the flash hotshoe and the flashgun. You can still use all of your camera’s automatic features, but the off-camera flash positions will be limited by the length of the lead.

3 easy ways to use off-camera flash: radio flash triggers

02 Radio flash triggers
As long as you are happy to use your camera’s Manual exposure mode, a radio trigger is one of the cheapest and most convenient ways to take your flash off camera. Basic radio triggers are available for around £25, and will fire the flashgun from around 50 to 100 metres away.

3 easy ways to use off-camera flash: wireless flash

03 Wireless flash
Many SLRs offer built-in wireless flash, so a flash (or commander unit) on the camera will control 
an off-camera flashgun. On some cameras the built-in flash will work as the ‘commander’ unit, so all you’ll need is a flashgun compatible with the manufacturer’s wireless system. These systems retain almost all of the automatic features of a hotshoe-mounted flash, but can take time to master.


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