In pictures: 21 great examples of HDR photography

Caddy Stack, Carl Schultz

HDR is an effect that has quickly grown in popularity, and with good reason; the results can be dramatic, surreal, and unique. If you’re interested in giving it a go yourself, we’ve got an HDR tutorial on how to make high dynamic rnage images from 2 exposures. In the meantime, take a look at these fantastic examples of HDR photography.

A Subway Car in Toronto, © Roland Shainidze

Windows on Italy, Giuseppe Peppoloni

Windows on Italy, © Giuseppe Peppoloni

Train is Coming!!!, Roland Shainidze

Train is coming!!!, © Roland Shainidze

To the daylight, Crazy Ivory

To the daylight, © Crazy Ivory

The Robert Sherman Windmill 1812, Frank Grace

The Robert Sherman Windmill 1812, © Frank Grace

Sunset Spray, Karl Williams

Sunset Spray, © Karl Williams

Stangholmen Lighthouse, Jan Kiese

Stangholmen Lighthouse, © Jan Kiese

Shunra, Shay Sapir

Shunra, © Shay Sapir

Riverdance #5, David Nightingale

Riverdance #5, © David Nightingale

REO Speed-Wagon, Peter J

REO Speed-Wagon, © Peter J

MTV Cribs is Due Next Week, Michael Baldwin

MTV Cribs is Due Next Week, © Michael Baldwin

Monti Sibillini, Giuseppe Peppoloni

Monti Sibillini, © Giuseppe Peppoloni

Night Shift, Lincoln Harrison

Night Shift, © Lincoln Harrison

Glory 2, Zsolt Zsigmond

Glory 2, © Zsolt Zsigmond

Encapsulated, Brad Grove

Encapsulated, © Brad Grove

Empty Seats, Frank Grace

Empty Seats, © Frank Grace

El Capitan, Ivan Nicolau

El Capitan, © Ivan Nicolau

Dunkeld Forest Light, David Mould

Dunkeld Forest Light, © David Mould

Caddy Stack, Carl Schultz

Caddy Stack, © Carl Schultz

Bowling for Bison, Scott Kublin

Bowling for Bison, © Scott Kublin

Boris, Shay Sapir

Boris, © Shay Sapir
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