In pictures: 31 great examples of birds in flight

Sparrow in Flight, by Tibor Jakab

We gave you our top 10 tips for photographing birds in flight, now here’s some inspiration in pictures to get you raring to go out and snap some shots of your own.

Rocket Landing, by Morkel Erasmus

Ruby Throated Hummingbird, by Richard Dummounil

Jackal & Vulture, by Stephen Earle

Aerial Play, by Octavio Campos Salles

Red-and-green Macaw (Ara chloropterus), by Octavio Campos Salles

Aggro Malachite Kingfisher, by Morkel Erasmus

Burrowing Owl, by Mariano Fernández

Jackdaw in Flight, by Richard Peters

Hunt by Flying, by Gökhan Coral

Western marsh-harrier and its prey, by Gökhan Coral

In Full Cry, by Dave Whenham

Wagtail, by Rami Athanasious

Attack, by Vladimir Yezhov

Night Flight, by Irawan Subingar

Tawny Owl in Flight, by Mark Bridger

Bird of Prey in Flight, by Brian Deegan

In Flight Meal, by Richard Steel

Sparrow in Flight, by Tibor Jakab

In for the Kill, by Philip Higgins

Hawk Owl Flight, by Rob McKay

Humming Bird in Flight, by Dan Ripplinger

Swans in Flight, by Arman Werth

Eurasion Dove, by Spangles44

Northern Gannet in Flight, by Raymond Barlow

Great Gray Owl in Flight, by Ethan Meleg

Blue Tit in Flight, by Will & Matt Burrard-Lucas

Snowy Owl in Flight, by Richard Dumoulin

Upside Down Robin, by Austin Thomas

Barn Owl, by Bill Pound

Red Kite, by Bill Pound
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