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Watch this drone hit a car windshield at over 60mph!

DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone hits car windshield
(Image credit: YouTube: Virginia Tech ICTAS)

A video has been released showing a DJI drone flying into a car windshield at over 60mph – and, surprisingly, the drone literally bounces off the windshield without causing any apparent damage (at least, to the car). 

The DJI Mavic 2 Pro was piloted into the car windshield at a relative speed of 62.5mph / 100.5km/h, as part of a project between Virginia Tech's research team and insurance company State Farm to evaluate collision risks with road vehicles.

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"The tests were part of a collaboration between the Virginia Tech Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership, the College of Engineering, and State Farm to evaluate the risks of a drone collision with a moving car," says the Virginia Tech ICTAS department of the video. "The data helped State Farm earn permission from the FAA to fly drones over busy roads."

Watch video: DJI Mavic 2 Pro hits a car window at 62.5mph

The video is part of a battery of tests and research conducted by the project team. In specific, it demonstrates to the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration, which governs the use of aircraft in the United States) the amount of damage that would be caused by a drone if it fell out of the sky and hit a car. Something that is possible, given State Farm's desire to use drones to monitor and inspect insurance claims. 

"State Farm actually uses drones in its everyday operations, mostly on insurance claims and inspection jobs – but flying over busy roadways requires a parachute and permission from the FAA," notes Drone DJ, while also coyly pointing out that State Farm offers drone insurance.

Obviously, it goes without saying that you should never fly your drone at or towards a car in the manner shown in this video. (And we're pretty sure that even State Farm won't honor your claim if you do!)

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