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New issue: Digital Photographer Issue 209 is now on sale

The new issue of Digital Photographer is now available. In this issue pro photography veteran Lee Frost has put together a feature on mastering perspective for exceptional compositions. Lee will guide you through all of key aspects of choosing the ideal perspective, so you can apply these to your own work straight away. Learn to try different viewpoints and elevations, choose the perfect lens and get more from scale. 

Next take a look at our feature on unlocking the potential of your photographic equipment. Get the most from your camera body, master pro flash essentials, work with accessories and become an expert on lenses, for your best ever results. Cut through the confusing jargon and understand exactly what the strengths of your photo gear is, so you can make the best use of these features, for next-level imagery. 

Fancy expanding your video skills? Read our in-depth feature on video techniques for photographers, where you will be guided through all of the main steps for adapting your photographic knowledge to the world of moving images. One of the reasons many photographers shy away from video is that the preconceived prospect of re-learning core skills can be intimidating. With our help you'll think differently!  

Plus we have all of our regular career advice, interviews, reviews, shooting tutorials and news. Find out how to make product photography a profitable career with advice from expert Mark Colliton. Take a look at our Canon vs. Nikon head-to-head test, where we pit the EOS 5D Mk IV and new EOS R against the D850 and Z7 to settle a question on all photographer's minds: DLSR or mirrorless?

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We've also put the Z6 through its paces to find out just how excited we should all be about the new Nikon mirrorless system. 

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