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Make your photos pop! WhiteWall release frames to dazzle and delight

(Image credit: WhiteWall)

Popular online print provider WhiteWall have added a new range of colorful Pop Art frames to their existing product portfolio. The new frames are available in four bright color options, complete with a glowing neon effect, or in tasteful black and white. 

The red, orange, green or blue frames are designed to compliment the colors or tones present in their host images. The 3mm wide front edge of each frame makes the images contained within standout, while a shadow gap measuring 4mm give the unique impression of the photographs floating. 

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The new pop art frames come in a choice of four colours plus black and white. (Image credit: WhiteWall)

The glossy acrylic frames are transparent, so as to enhance the colour of each photograph. This is suggested by the company as especially effective when the images contain bright artificial lights, such as those found in night cityscapes or even fireworks. Meanwhile the black and white frame options are opaque. 

Available in size from 20 x 20 cm to 120 x 80 cm, the frames come with glossy acrylic glass, under which photographs are mounted. They can be ordered with different mountings including acrylic, aluminum dibond or HD Metal Print. 

Prices for the new frames start at £29.95 (a lot $37.64).

The frames were originally due to have been launched at The Photography Show this weekend, which has now been postponed until 19-22 September due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

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