How to capture autumnal abstracts: video guide

1. Adapt your lens

The Lee autumn filters fit into the 100mm system, so we needed a lens adaptor ring to match the thread size of our lens and a holder. Make sure you’ve got the right extras for the filters you choose. To start, screw the adaptor ring to the front of the lens, and then add on the holder.

2. Choose your filter

There are three filters here, and each gives a slightly different effect. The Chocolate filter accentuates autumn leaves and stones, the Coral is Pinkish and generally warming, and the Tobacco filter is the darkest and reddest of the three. Slide the filter into the holder.

3. Position the colour

Use Live View as you position the filter. Because the graduation line is placed 90mm from the top, the coloured portion is big enough to cover the whole scene. Raising the filter higher turns it into a grad, which suits scenes where there’s two definite subjects or a horizon line.

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