Astrophotography inspiration: Capture the wonders of the night sky

Astrophotography: Be inspired to capture the night sky
(Image credit: Scott van Schayk)

Growing up in Orkney, getting into landscape photography after I first picked up a camera seemed inevitable. Pair that with the long, dark nights of winter, and the chances of seeing the Northern Lights always intrigued me. After a few chances to capture the Northern Lights in Orkney, my passion for astrophotography was ignited. 

When my partner and I decided to travel to New Zealand for a year, it really took off. We spent a year in a campervan, meaning that we could really make the most of the remote dark sky areas around New Zealand. I travelled with a very light setup: just one camera, two lenses (one fast wide prime, one zoom), and a good budget travel tripod.

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