Topaz Labs DeNoise AI review

Topaz Labs DeNoise AI aims to remove high ISO noise with as much or as little control as you need; it's easy-to-use and powerful

DeNoise AI review
(Image: © James Abbot)

Digital Camera World Verdict

Despite the excellent, high-ISO-noise-handling capabilities of modern cameras, noise reduction during post-processing remains a necessary task at higher settings. DeNoise AI makes it quick and easy to reduce noise in images and can result in sharper results than those possible with Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw, although the results from both approaches are imperfect so it’s difficult to say which is most effective – they both have pros and cons but the Adobe results could be sharpened separately to achieve a similarly sharp image. At $79.99 / £58, DeNoise AI isn’t expensive and it can speed up noise reduction for those not familiar with reducing noise with Raw Editing software.


  • +

    Easy to use

  • +

    Auto and manual control available

  • +

    Three different AI Models


  • -

    Noise affected by wrong AI Model

  • -

    Images can look waxy appearance

  • -

    Most software already offers noise reduction

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Topaz Labs DeNoise AI may be tackling a shrinking market. Camera technology has come a long way in terms of high ISO capabilities, with most cameras these days able to capture relatively noise-free images up to and around ISO 1600. However, even with the best cameras, when it comes to noise handling, higher settings may benefit from noise reduction software during post-processing.

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James Abbott

James Abbott is a landscape and portrait photographer based in Cambridge. He’s also an experienced photography journalist specializing in camera skills and Photoshop techniques. He is also a CAA-approved drone pilot and professional aerial photographer.