Insta360 X4 review: The only action camera you'll ever need is two in one?

The leading 360-degree action camera is going 8K – will that be enough to stay on top?

5 Star Rating
Insta360 X4
(Image: © Adam Juniper)

Digital Camera World Verdict

The Insta360 X4 takes an already good device and makes it a whole lot better. Not only is it more responsive, but with the boosted resolution and mic compatibility it can now seriously be considered as a replacement for a traditional action camera like a GoPro. Any creative should be looking at this tech, and this is the best example I've seen for most customers.


  • +

    8K resolution makes a significant difference to 360

  • +

    4K60 single camera means it can be your only action camera

  • +

    Rugged design including detachable lens covers

  • +

    Can connect to external mics like DJI Mic 2


  • -

    Battery life when shooting 8K could be better

  • -

    You need an invisible selfie stick to get the best shots

  • -

    "Shoot first, frame later" isn't for everyone.

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The Insta360 X4 has some mighty impressive shoes to fill, and – as a 360-degree cameras – it's entering a space which is still very much emerging. By boosting resolution and adding AI features – including gesture control – powered by a new 5nm processor this new camera looks to build on the impressive X3, a camera I'm very fond of (and spent my own hard-earned on).

It's also worth noting you can also use it in single lens mode; with the X4 you're effectively giving yourself two 4K60fps cameras back-to-back. Of course, the real point of a 360-degree camera is to capture the entire world. "Shoot first, frame later" is the mantra. Since you see everything from the camera's perspective a 'selfie stick' is a near-essential accessory. Insta360 has several interesting offerings, one of which enables 'Bullet-time' and all allow for a kind of 'drone without a drone' look.

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Resolution v max frame rate8K/30fps, 5.7k/60fps, 4K/100fps,
Stills reolution72MP
Single Lens mode max4K60fps
Timelapse resultion max11MP
Battery Life2290mAh / 135mins (5.7k/30)
ConectivityUSB-C 3.0
Screen size 2.5-inch
Weight204g with battery / 0.45 pounds
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FeaturesHitting the 8K mark is significant, but the range of software goodies isn't to be sniffed at.★★★★★
DesignThe rugged design, firm grip, and one-handed operation, and easy accessory attachment is nailed!★★★★★
PerformanceThe nippy processor makes blazing through the menus easy, and battery is good but we always want more!★★★★
ValueSince you can now treat this as you main action camera too, value is high★★★★★

Kandao QooCam 3

The QooCam 3, in our guide to the best 360-degree cameras as a cheaper choice, is worth considering. It's a little lighter and has decent low-light performance. The software isn't as refined, but can still capture a 62 megapixel still.

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