Godox WES2 microphone review: plug-and-play recording for your smartphone

Boost the audio production values of your video content with this wireless mic system

Godox WES2 Microphone and case on a wooden table
(Image: © George Cairns / Digital Camera World)

Digital Camera World Verdict

This is a great ‘plug-and-play mic that instantly improves your smartphone’s audio recordings (though make sure that you buy the correct iPhone-compatible model). We were impressed by its ability to ‘go the distance’ with the minimum of signal dropout. Although the WES is a budget mic it is well worth investing in due to the high-quality sound that it captures - though its built-in noise reduction software produces a very thin and sharp voice recording.


  • +

    Cable-free receiver connection

  • +

    Long transmission range

  • +

    Meets the MFi (Made for iPhone) requirements

  • +

    High-quality audio


  • -

    No cable lavalier mics supplied

  • -

    Ineffective software noise reduction

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The best thing that you can do to improve the production values of your YouTube content is to buy a wireless mic kit. Your DSLR or smartphone will capture good-quality audio from a foot or two away from your mouth, but that quality drops rapidly with each extra foot you step away from your camera. Built-in mics are also very prone to wind noise at any distance. By clipping one of the best lavalier mics to your lapel (and plugging a receiver into your recording device)  you can keep your mouth close to the mic at all times and capture clean clear sound from a distance from your camera  - up to 200 meters in the case of the Godox WES Kit.

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Pick-up PatternOmnidirectional
Transmission Type2.4GHz Frequency hopping system
Max SPL110dB
Dynamic Range86 dB
Max Distance200m (with line of sight)
Onboard recordingNo
Battery Life8 hours
Dimensions48 x 22 x 16mm
Net Weight12g
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Reception Type2.4GHz Frequency hopping system
Max Distance200m (with line of sight)
Dimensions48mm x 27mm x11mm
Net Weight7g
Godox WEC

Godox WEC
Released in 2023, the Godox WEC looks and behaves like the newer Godox WES2, with similar-looking transmitters and a plastic charging case. The mics also have built-in noise reduction. The main difference is that the transmitters require a cable to connect them to your smartphone and if you use an iPhone 14 or older model you’ll need to buy a third-party 3.5mm to lightning cable adaptor. 


Also released in early 2024, the Boyamic is another iPhone/smartphone-friendly wireless mic kit. Unlike the Godox WES the Boyamic ships with two adaptors that enable you to plug its transmitter into any smartphone to iPhone model (though at the time of writing the Boyamic is harder to hunt down as it is a very fresh release.) It also has the bonus of onboard recording (but you do have to pay more for this feature).

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George Cairns

George has been freelancing as a photo fixing and creative tutorial writer since 2002, working for award winning titles such as Digital Camera, PhotoPlus, N-Photo and Practical Photoshop. He's expert in communicating the ins and outs of Photoshop and Lightroom, as well as producing video production tutorials on Final Cut Pro and iMovie for magazines such as iCreate and Mac Format. He also produces regular and exclusive Photoshop CC tutorials for his YouTube channel.