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Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III review

Canon has somehow shoehorned an APS-C-sized sensor into its flagship compact camera, but it’s come at a cost

Canon PowerShot G1 X III lab tests

We've pitched the PowerShot G1 X Mark III against four interesting rivals, which are not necessarily in the same category on the surface but which we think are definitely worth considering as a second camera. They are Canon's own PowerShot G5 X, the Fujifilm X100F and the Olympus PEN-F.

Colour error

The G1 X III doesn't deliver the most accurate colours of the four cameras we've compared, but it's better than the G5 X and not bad in absolute terms. Its consistently reliable auto white balance and natural-looking colour rendition are a bonus in real-world shooting.

Signal-to-noise ratio

It's all about the sensor size. The PowerShot G1 X Mark III and Fujifilm X100F have APS-C sensors and deliver much lower noise levels, especially at higher ISO settings. The PEN-F holds up pretty well, but the G5 X and its 1-inch sensor quickly falls behind as the ISO increases.

Dynamic range

While noise levels and sensor size tend to be closely linked, dynamic range is harder to predict. The three larger-sensor cameras (including the PEN-F) offer similar dynamic range at medium-to-high settings, where the PowerShot G5 X starts to drop back, the G5 X is actually the best at lower ISO settings.