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Canon EOS 80D Review

Is this impressive-looking Canon the best enthusiast DSLR out there?

Canon EOS 80D verdict

Canon has created an excellent camera that makes a worthwhile upgrade from the 70D. It’s well-built with sensibly arranged controls, has good ergonomics and an extensive feature set, and can be set up to suit your shooting style. Most importantly, the image quality is superb with lots of detail.

The competition

Nikon D7200

Like the K-3 II, this SLR’s 24MP sensor lacks an optical low-pass filter, which helps it resolve a higher than average amount of detail.

Pentax K-3 II

Pixel Shift Technology helps reduce noise from this 24MP SLR, but its impact isn’t obvious with most shots at normal viewing sizes.

Sony A77 II

This 24MP SLT has an electronic viewfinder, along with an AF system that’s fast and accurate even in low light.