Why don't you make your own mind up? Photo exhibition combats the problem of mimetic desire in the art world

A close up image of a dead robin against a green lichen covered metal surface
(Image credit: Fotini Tsakalidou)

Do you ever feel as though the art and photography world lacks authenticity? That people only like what they’re told to like: the most expensive pieces, or the ones with the biggest names attached? 

It's rife within all artistic endeavors, and in 2022, Kat Mahale founded Felt Photographic to offer “an alternative route for artists to be seen.”

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Leonie Helm
Staff Writer

After graduating from Cardiff University with an Master's Degree in Journalism, Media and Communications Leonie developed a love of photography after taking a year out to travel around the world. 

While visiting countries such as Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh and Ukraine with her trusty Nikon, Leonie learned how to capture the beauty of these inspiring places, and her photography has accompanied her various freelance travel features. 

As well as travel photography Leonie also has a passion for wildlife photography both in the UK and abroad.