Watch out for the coyote! Trail camera theft by wildlife recorded in Canada

Coyote captured on trail camera
(Image credit: CTV News)

A family home in West Edmonton, Canada, captured unique surveillance footage of a coyote stealing their trail camera. The neighborhood charmingly named Wolf Willow along the river valley sees numerous regular visits from wildlife such as deer and porcupines, but never have any of them committed a theft of this nature. 

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The owner of the property, Kevin Hogan told CTV News that he reviews footage captured by the trail camera every so often to see if any animals had approached or took a whiff of his cameras, they tend to take off and run away if disturbed. 

Hogan thought it best to try and recover the trail camera by trundling through the ravine behind his home, "I just got lucky finding it...I guess it must have been something he [the coyote] was after". Hogan found it unusual that the coyote took such an initial interest in the white camera to begin with, "he must have been chewing on it like a toy" he suggests.

Another theory from Hogan is that the coyote was "casing the joint out" and taking care of the surveillance of the property to return for the bones in the garden that Hogan's dog, Major, buries frequently. 

Searching for "coyote steals camera" on the internet yields more results than admittedly expected. This is clearly an unusual but somewhat common problem in specific areas. Do you think taking out camera insurance includes cover for the possibility of a potential coyote theft?

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