Stranger Things x Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Nightography video is epic!

Stranger Things X Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra collab
(Image credit: YouTube / Samsung)

Stranger Things fans, this one's for you. Don't worry there's no spoilers ahead, but Samsung has created an awesome video in partnership with the Netflix hit series, Stranger Things, in promotion of Nightography recording features that are available on its latest handset, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

The video shows three kids riding through a neighborhood at night, with one placing her S22 Ultra phone in her back pocket, while it's on record, capturing everything from alien bats to a white Demogorgon lurking close behind them as they ride.

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In possibly one of the coolest promotional videos released this year, Samsung has created an epic creative ad for its Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra phone, with a specific focus on its Nightography recording capabilities. #MakeNightsEpic is the theme for this promotional campaign in collaboration with Stranger Things season 4, which part one of has now been released and is available to stream on Netflix.

The video begins with a young girl cycling through the neighborhood at night with her two friends, an early nod to the first few seasons of the series where the main characters of the show did this frequently. The destination is a friends garage for what appears to be a viewing party of Stranger Things season 4 taking place. 

Before setting off, the girl tucks her S22 Ultra phone (color burgundy) into her back pocket with the rear camera unit sticking out and given a clear view for recording the journey behind them. While cycling, the phone captures an array of references from the show on video starting with red lightning in the clouds, to an AR-rendered-looking Demogorgon appearing from the shadows as they ride through a tunnel. 

(Image credit: YouTube / Samsung)

The familiar eery clock chime is heard in the video after they pass Creel St, above the 80s-sounding (but released in 2018) soundtrack 'Eternal' by Keep Shelly in Athens, that is played throughout the video, again incredibly on-brand with the show and its aesthetic.

Another Demogorgon leaps out from behind some trash as they cycle past, and appears to lunge towards the camera before it cuts to the trio arriving safely at a cosy looking garage, decorated with the multicolor Christmas lights we all remember from the earlier seasons.

Main superpowered character, Eleven, and the gang can be seen on a TV screen in the garage with the white Netflix logo in the right-hand corner. Before entering the garage, the music stops as the girl checks the recording on her Galaxy S22 Ultra phone, and appears shocked to see the creatures captured in video. 

Scary anticipating music builds as we see a shadow appear behind her for a split second, and a demogorgon screech can be heard as the screen cuts to black, followed by the Stranger Things intro soundtrack and the phrase 'Make STRANGER nights epic' appearing. 

Hats off to Samsung for this creation, it's clear that a lot of work, detail and thought went into it, even if the intention was for promotion. The only thing that could've made it better would've been an appearance from Vecna himself.

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