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Sigma fp L camera reveal next week – but it WON'T have a Foveon sensor

Sigma fp L leaked… will it have an APS-C sensor or a 60MP full-frame Foveon?
(Our mockup of the Sigma fp L)

UPDATE: The Sigma fp L will not feature a Foveon sensor, as CEO Kazuto Yamaki confirmed that Sigma's plans for a Foveon camera remain up in the air.

The question then remains whether the new version of the Sigma fp, said to be announced next week, will again feature a full-frame sensor or whether it might boast a smaller APS-C sensor.

"We have not proceeded to the development of a camera system," said Yamaki in a video apologizing the 60MP Sigma Foveon sensor won't be ready this year, after already missing its original 2020 release.

UPDATE (17 Feb): Sigma's rumored new camera, the Sigma fp L, will be announced next week at the CP+ 2021 show in Tokyo, Japan, according to the latest reports. 

The mysterious new member of the Sigma fp line will also be accompanied by the reveal of a new lens, the Sigma 28-70mm f/2.8 FE, during the manufacturer's presentation on 24 February at 20:00 EST / 17:00 PST / 01:00 GMT (which is 10:00 in Japan / 12:00 ACT on 25 February). 

While little is known about the new camera, claims that the 28-70mm will cost around $900 (approximately £650 / AU$1,163). 

ORIGINAL STORY (12 Feb): Sigma's next camera has been registered with an overseas certification agency: the Sigma fp L. The big question is what the "L" signifies, and whether Sigma will finally make good on its full-frame Foveon sensor or whether this will be an APS-C system.

What's clear is that the Sigma fp will continue as a product family, so now we're left to speculate on what the new nomenclature means for the Sigma fp L. 

The addition of a new letter on a product name often signifies a minor upgrade or feature swap, as opposed to a completely new model. The Canon EOS Ra, for example, is identical to the Canon EOS R save for a modified sensor that's better suited to astrophotography. 

Likewise, Nikon has previously added the "s" suffix to its flagship DSLRs (such as the Nikon D4s) to offer a midlife refresh with minor bumps in processing speed and frame-rates. 

So does the "L" in Sigma fp L indicate a step up, a la Nikon, or is it instead a more junior model, possibly standing for "Lite"? In the latter case, it's possible that Sigma could be releasing a version of the fp with an APS-C sensor – something that Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki teased two years ago when he said, "We might even use an APS-C sensor again." 

However, while the camera's registration was leaked by insider Nokishita, a list of supposed specs were shared by website L Rumors: "Sigma fp L has a new body design with IBIS, MS [mechanical] shutter, and Sigma customized 60MP sensor."

While those specs should be taken with a large pinch of salt, the sensor does at lieast jive with the full-frame 60.9MP Foveon sensor camera that Sigma announced back in 2019. 

While the manufacturer would scrap development of that particular sensor in 2020, stating that "it has become clear that the launch of such a camera would be infeasible within this year," it's entirely possible that going "back to the drawing board" has yielded more promising results. 

With the Japanese CP+ 2021 trade show taking place from 25-28 February, we could well be hearing more about the Sigma fp L before the end of the month…

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