Peloton Guide is an AI camera that could improve your strength training

Peloton Guide
(Image credit: Peloton)

Health and fitness company Peleton has just introduced Peloton Guide – an AI-enabled camera that connects to your TV to make strength training workouts safer. It provides paying members instant access to Peloton’s expert instructors and exercise videos while tracking your movement and progress. 

Peloton Guide employs machine learning, a type of AI that uses data to identify patterns and make decisions with minimal input from the user. Using their own equipment, weights and accessories, Peloton members can take advantage of experienced instructors teaching strength classes while developing their technique thanks to this new technology. 

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The AI-ready camera operates in several different modes, depending on what information you need. It has a movement tracker, which encourages members to complete the demonstrated exercise and follow the instructors for the entire class. There is a Self Mode that enables members to compare their movements to that of the instructors, so they can make corrections and adjustments during the class. And a Body Activity mode ensures you’re not just concentrating on one area during your workouts – instead it will recommend classes based on what muscle groups need more training. 

Peloton Guide comes includes a handy voice-activated feature that enables you to pause, stop, fast-forward or rewind a class without stopping the workout. Initially this feature will only be available in the US, UK and Canada, but there are plans to roll it out to other countries. 

(Image credit: Peloton)

The device is, of course, member-controlled so if you don’t want to share your workout with anyone, you can put it to sleep by sliding the cover over the camera.

While strength training isn’t anything new for Peloton, the ability for members to be able to actively work on their technique is. At first Peloton Guide will only be compatible with strength-focused classes, but eventually Peloton would like the device to support a wide range of classes. 

Peloton Guide includes Peloton’s new Heart Rate Band, which can be worn during exercise to track your heart rate, and a remote to control the device. Prices start at $495 / £450 / AU$750 and should be available to purchase in early 2022. Membership is an additional $12.99 / £12.99  a month and can be used by up to five members in a household. 

While the investment might seem like quite a hefty one at first, if you work out how much you might end up spending on a personal trainer in a lifetime, it's an attractive proposition. You can work out from the comfort of your home, at a time to suit you, while still learning all the correct techniques. Because let’s be honest – nobody wants to pull a muscle from strength training.

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