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Nikon D780 reviewed & rated! Issue 109 of N-Photo on sale today

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Jetting off all over the world to exotic far-flung places to take photographs and getting paid for it sounds like a dream job. And it is. Jordan Banks explains how he makes his living from travel photography – and what’s more, how you can too!

And that’s not all. Also in this month’s N-Photo:

We also jetted off to the French Alps, where adventure sports photographer Dan Milner taught our Apprentice how to take adrenaline-packed shots of skiers and snowboarders, both on- and off-piste.  

Pro music photographer Ross Halfin speaks to us about his amazing career, shooting some of the biggest names in metal, punk and rock, and why he believes black and white stands the test of time.  

The innovative D780 enters the labs for our exhaustive four-page review – it’s DSLR on the outside with mirrorless technology on the inside, for a camera that really does offer the best of both worlds. 

We also pit eight budget telephoto zooms against one another in our Big Test, to see which gives the greatest reach for the most reasonable outlay. Plus we get some of our best shots printed up in photo books to see which printers offer the best combo of quality and value. 

This issue also comes with a bonus Teach Yourself Fine Art Photography ebook, designed to help you shoot striking black-and-white imagery, impactful portraits and tasteful nudes.

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Back issues of N-Photo are available online

Back issues of N-Photo are available online (Image credit: Future)

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