Need speed? The Godox TT685 Mark II camera flash hits Canon, Nikon, Sony et al

Godox TT685 Mark ii
(Image credit: Godox )

Godox has unveiled the new TT685 Mark II external flash, which will be released in five different flavors, each compatible with the major camera brands: Canon, Sony, Nikon, Fujifilm, Panasonic and Olympus.

The Godox TT685 Mark II boasts newer features to its predecessor including a 2.4G Wireless X radio system, facilitating seamless connectivity up to 100 meters to ensure a reliable shooting process. Also featured is an updated USB-C port to install potential future firmware updates, along with broader tilt and bounce angles from -7 to 120 degrees vertically, rotatable to 330 degrees horizontally.

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The Godox TT685 Mark II is added with a TCM function for instant conversion from TTL to manual settings, locking the correct exposure at the same time with a quick-release lock to ensure a smoother setup. It boasts a Guide Number of 197 at ISO100 and a zoom range of 20-200mm.

Working with other flashes just got a lot easier, too, as the Godox TT685 Mark II enables integrating transmitter and receiver in one flash. The speed light can also be connected to an external power pack such as the PB960 (not included) to boost flash performance, transforming it into a reliable workhorse.

We've been impressed with Godox' recent output, including the Godox CL10 LED webcasting ambient light, Godox S60 focusing LED light, and particularly another recent flash gun from the manufacturer, the Godox V860 TTL. If you're looking to experiment with supplemental lighting and flash photography, speed lights like these are affordable and adaptable ways to expand your photographic repertoire. 

The Godox TT685 II Flash is available to pre-order for $129 (approximately £96.96 / AU$189.70)

 Pre-order the Godox TT685 II at B&H (US)

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