Moving into moving pictures: ProPhoto gets a small rebrand to include video

ProPhoto & Video magazine's new issue on sale now
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Australia's top professional photography magazine has undergone a small rebrand to being called ProPhoto & Video. What necessitated this change? Well, it's simply because video has become such an integral part of a pro photographer's arsenal.

That's not all though: over time, we've seen so many photographers become cinematographers and vice versa that this magazine has historically had plenty of advertisements of movie cameras over the years. So the crossover between photography and video isn't new.

Today, while there are dedicated cinema cameras from the leading brands, a lot of consumer-facing models come with terrific video capabilities – it's the age of the hybrid camera.

If photography and cinematography is evolving, so will ProPhoto. And the first issue of the rebranded ProPhoto & Video is now on stands. You can pick it up at your nearest newsagent or subscribe to a digital edition – find out how below.

Inside the new issue

Special feature: From photography to videography
Read our comprehensive guide on how you can add video skills to your photographic arsenal, with tips and tricks on how to shoot and produce a video clip.

Hybrid hero: Fujifilm X-H2S tested
This speedster is taking on the full-frame big guns, but can it truly stand up to the competition from the larger sensors? Find out in our in-depth review.

On trial: Boya BY-CM6A All-in-One USB Microphone
Working for yourself means taking a lot of meetings, mostly virtual. So is there a mic that's easy to set up and use? Boya seems to think so, with its clever all-in-one solution. Check out how it performs in our review.

If you subscribe to the all-new ProPhoto & Video now, you could go into the draw to win a Zoom F1-SP audio recorder. Pick up a copy of issue #237 to find out more!

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Subscribe to the print edition

Published continuously since 1937, ProPhoto is Australia's top magazine for professional photographers, emerging artists and students of photography. Now called ProPhoto & Video, the magazine is published bi-monthly, with print subscriptions available from Future Australia's dedicated Techmags website.

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Get the digital edition today!

ProPhoto & Video's print edition is available to buy from all good newsagents across Australia, but you don't need to leave your house to get a copy. You can download the magazine in digital format from Zinio right now for the ultimate in convenience. 

To maximise your savings, you can opt for an annual subcription, which gets you six issues over 12 months that you'll automatically receive on your PC, phone or tablet as soon as each new issue is released. Or you can opt to purchase a single issue of ProPhoto if you prefer.

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