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Canon is launching a new camera NOW! Watch it LIVE, right here

Canon is launching a major new camera – watch the event LIVE RIGHT NOW with our blow-by-blow analysis!

Canon Cinema EOS announcement
(Image: © Canon)

The live stream is now over, and the new camera is the Canon EOS R5 C – a new version of the Canon EOS R5 with up to 8K 60p capture, Dual Base ISO, Multi-Function Show and an integrated cooling system, for "no limitations on shooting". 

However, the camera does, in fact, have recording limits. You can read about the 5 key differences of the Canon EOS R5 C compared to the original R5 to see what's new with this Cinema EOS product!


We're just minutes away from seeing Canon's new camera! Pull up a chair and a bag of popcorn – this is going to be interesting.

The YouTube chatroom is abuzz with speculation… especially following some leaks this morning

Some wishful thinkers are speculating on a Canon EOS C200 Mark II with RF mount, or a C700 in compact RF form factor. Guess we'll see, momentarily! 

Top comment so far: "CCC Canon Credit Card Show begins now"


This dramatic music would make a BBC documentary proud

Ram Sarup is our host, to tell us all about Cinema EOS. 

Integrated cooling system, electronic (but not sensor shift) stabilization, RF mount

Anamorphic lenses supported by third party adapters:

Up to 14 stops of dynamic range, with Dual Base ISO for maximum low light performance

Wave forms, false color, other options

Ooh, up to 180° shutter angle! This is a serious cinema camera

They're pushing the VR angle, linked to the Canon RF 5.2mm f/2.8L Dual Fisheye

Quick and clean! The stream ran just 10 minutes, but was packed with a whole lot of information. For a full breakdown of everything to do with the Canon EOS R5 C, check out these articles: 

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