Leaked specs provide greater insight into what we can expect from the Samsung Galaxy S24 launch!

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
(Image credit: Samsung)

The Samsung Galaxy S24 may be one of the most talked about camera phones of the past year, with rumors and speculation aplenty. Due to be released later this month, we now have a few confirmed specifications that shed some light on the hearsay. 

Set to become Samsung's new flagship smartphone lineup, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will top the hierarchy, with the Galaxy S24 Plus, Galaxy S24, and S-Pen completing the family. To compete in a crowded smartphone market, it seems Samsung has thrown everything but the kitchen sink at the top models, creating a futureproof 'AI-driven' device to compete with the best Android phones.

(Image credit: Walmart | Via wccftech)

The buzzword in consumer tech during 2023 was certainly 'AI', which looks set to continue as devices such as the Galaxy S24 implement it in new ways. We recently covered some of the strong rumors about the powerful AI-powered phone and, thanks to a prematurely placed sales page – put up in error by Walmart and reported by wccftech, we got a glimpse at some of the confirmed features of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus before it was removed again from the site.

Although the phone's body design is very similar to the Samsung Galaxy S23, a larger body provides more screen real estate and space for a larger battery. But what it lacks in design changes, it makes up for with jam-packed specs!

The Plus model will be shipped with 12 GB of RAM, the first time a Plus variant has been treated to such large memory. A reason for this upgrade is that Samsung are developing 'On-device' AI functions, not relying solely on Cloud services. This reduces security risks, enhances processing speed, and makes smart features less connection-dependant. What can be said for the Plus model will most likely be added to the Ultra.

(Image credit: Walmart | Via wccftech)

The leaked specs show AI features such as Generative Edit, Nightography Zoom, and Live Translate, which will be powered by Samsung's AI Framework - Samsung Gauss. 

Generative Edit will enable users to take advantage of the Plus' 50MP, and in turn the whopping 200MP camera on the Ultra, by removing and replacing objects in a scene, generatively filling in the space left. This can mean a slight rotation of an object in an image – or even moving it to the other side of the scene entirely. In both instances, the hole it would have left will be generatively filled (as if on a separate layer in Photoshop).

(Image credit: Walmart | Via wccftech)

The other confirmed AI features include Nightography Zoom, which enables improved low-light camera performance, and Live Translate, which will translate your voice into foreign languages in real-time, even on calls!

I am sure this highly specced Samsung Galaxy S24 lineup will take the smartphone market by storm, changing the landscape with its dedication to AI performance. The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra specs are yet to be officially confirmed, but we have recently written about strong rumors regarding the Galaxy S24 Ultra's camera.


Official announcements – and perhaps the Samsung Galaxy S24 launch – will happen later this month at Galaxy Unpacked on January 17. Samsung promises to 'unveil the latest premium Galaxy innovations, providing an all-new mobile experience powered by AI' – a must-see event for tech fans! Catch it via Samsung's YouTube Channel.

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