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If you don't have a digital photo frame yet, get one today (and you'll thank me)!

Prime Day digital photo frame deals

This year's Prime Day has been a strange one – as some of the best deals have appeared well into the second day. But if you are not looking for a new camera or new lens at this moment, but still want to find yourself a bargain in this year's Amazon sale before it ends (at midnight, PT) - then I'd recommend getting a digital photo frame.

Digital photo frames have been a hot thing to purchase in the last year - but I am surprised that I don't see them in more people's homes. I spend my life taking pictures, reviewing cameras, and drooling over tech – but these devices are some of the best things I have acquired in recent times. I have two in my home.

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What these digital frames allow you to do is to show your favorite photos on the LCD panel on a continuous loop. We find it a great way to see pictures of the family - and to relive our best holidays. The one in our kitchen inevitably creates a topic of conversation every meal time.

The two I have are made by Nixplay and Aura, who are leaders in these displays - and that's why I am recommending the frames below - which have significant discounts at Amazon US today (if you are a Prime Member, or take up a free trial to Prime).

These photo frames are not like the digital frames from 20 years ago - so no need to muck around with memory sticks to get them working. You simply use the app on your phone, choosing the photos you want to show from those stored on your phone or tablet (which are sent over your home's wifi network) – making it super easy to keep your modern slide show up to date with all your latest shots. And they can play videos as well as stills photos - so you can relive those golden moments (even with sound, if you so choose).

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His first serious camera was the iconic Olympus OM10, with which he won the title of Young Photographer of the Year - long before the advent of autofocus and memory cards. Today he uses a Nikon D800, a Fujifilm X-T1, a Sony A7, and his iPhone 11 Pro.