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Hurry! Xbox Series X and Xbox Series X in stock RIGHT NOW

Xbox Series X / Xbox Series S
(Image credit: Microsoft)

It's launch week and the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles have been as rare as unicorn poop, but fear not – we've just spotted both consoles in stock right now at Walmart! 

Click quickly, as there are single-digit stocks of these machines available, so if you want to get Microsoft's new console don't waste a second more!

Xbox Series X: $499
With 12 teraflops of raw, 4K, 120fps power, the Xbox Series X is the most powerful console ever made. With 1TB of storage and compatibility with all Xbox One games, it's a dream machine!
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Xbox Series S: $299
If you need a second console or you're a PlayStation owner who just wants to dip into Xbox' brilliant Game Pass library (basically Netflix for games!) then the Series S is the digital-only machine for you!
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