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Shoot amazing creative macro 

Learn to look closer and introduce some creativity to your macro shots (Image credit: Peter Fenech)

Most photographers will experiment with macro photography at some point, but few truly explore the full creative potential. Closeup images can reveal sensational detail, so make sure you're using it to the max!

In our creative macro feature Peter Fenech delves into how best to plan, shoot and edit images for artistic lighting, colour and background interest. Learn to play with focussing, create in-camera special effects, control backgrounds, work with lighting and post-process your images for shots which stand out from the crowd.  

Use summer lighting


Work with challenging lighting in the summer months (Image credit: Future)

Summer is an interesting season for photography. On one hand we have more hours of daylight to work with, but the light itself can be harsh and unflattering. In our feature Dan Mold explores 10 ways to put summer lighting to work, to create striking images, with bags of contrast and colour.   

Renaissance Still Life effect

Simulate the lighting and texture of the Master oil painters (Image credit: Peter Fenech)

Next we serve up a shooting guide for how to recreate the look of renaissance oil paintings. These images have a specific contrasty look, with heavy shadows and deep colour. We look into how to arrange a still life scene, light it effectively, control the look with focal length and finally how to edit the shots for the final touches. 

Zoom lenses

Which 70-200mm lens offers the best balance of quality and value? (Image credit: Future)

Shoot Multifaith weddings


Read our career advice pages and discover how to capture the key elements of a wide variety of weddings of various faiths. (Image credit: Future)

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