$500 off this FLIR thermal camera – your energy bill savings might pay for it!

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Thermal cameras have always been quite pricey, and FLIR – one of the most respected brands in the market – has been at the highest end of that so, even though I carefully put together a guide to the best thermal cameras, I do understand why not everyone has a thermal camera.

All of a sudden, though, I've noticed that the cameras have gotten some very impressive discounts – many of the FLIR cameras are now 50% in the US, and there are some significant mark-downs in the UK too.

That's great news because at these new prices the cameras actually have the potential to earn their cost back before the end of the month; certainly, by the end of the winter – all you need to do is look around your home and identify the spots where a little more cheap insulation could save you hundreds.

FLIR's tech is very easy to use, too, thanks to their technology which combines an optical image to make it easy to work out where the heat patches and cool spots are. You'll be working like a pro in minutes (these are, after all, professional tools).

The deals are coming and going at present, but this one is still active right now. You can also check more deals by looking at the table at the bottom of our thermal camera guide.


FLIR TG275was $999Now $499.24
SAVE $500

FLIR TG275 | was $999 | Now $499.24
SAVE $500
The TG275 is a rugged pistol-grip style thermal imaging camera designed for DIY & pro jobs. It has a laser-pointer-style light to help you direct it at a target (really helpful if you're working on something hot like a car engine) and can upload hybrid photos to your phone via Bluetooth.

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