First look: Sharp 8K Video Camera - a glimpse of photography's near future

At CES 2019, we were all ready for an 8K consumer camera announcement. All the signs pointed to Sony unleashing an 8K camera or, at the very least, camcorder. 

The Sony press conference came and went and, yet, nothing. Thankfully, a company came along and filled this hole, and it came as something of a surprise. 

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Marc Chacksfield

A technology journalist who has been in the industry for 17 years, Marc is the former editor-in-chief of TechRadar and has also steered the ship for technology brands including T3, Tom's Hardware and Tom's Guide, and is currently the director of Shortlist Media and co-owner of 

An expert in the field of camera phones and mobile tech, Marc has been a long-time specialist when it comes to phone reviews, hands-on coverage, reviews and rumors. As a frequent visitor to big trade shows like CES, he has also had boots on the ground for the latest camera announcements and breaking developments in fields such as 8K video.