Another price hike for camera film: Kodak prices to soar up to 40%

Kodak Gold 200 120 film
(Image credit: Kodak)

If you have just started out with your analog photography or you're a seasoned film shooter still fighting off the digital age, things are about to get even more expensive to keep your film dream alive if you use Kodak

Some of the best film for 35mm cameras, as well as 120 and sheet film, will be seeing a huge surge in price. According to National Photo in Japan (by way of Digital Camera Info) there will be a price change for Kodak film that will see some stock hit with a 40% increase, with others receiving a 20% price hike.

Kodak Portra 400 120

(Image credit: Kodak)

A manufacturer's list has been shared, detailing the suggested retail prices that will be in effect as of January 16. All the prices below have been approximated from their cost in Japanese yen:

1 roll of 36xp: $42.58 / £35.08
120 pro pack (5 rolls): $152.16 / £125.37
4x5 sheets (10 sheets): $135.45 / £111.60

Ektar 100
1 roll of 36xp: $25.79 / £21.25
120 pro pack (5 rolls): $123.50 / £101.76
4x5 sheets (10 sheets): $133.71 / £110.17

Portra 160
36 Pro pack (5 rolls): $123.88 / £102.07
120 pro pack (5 rolls): $125.09 / £103.07
4x5 sheets (10 sheets): $126.53 / £104.25

Kodak Ultramax 400

(Image credit: Kodak)

Portra 400
36 Pro pack (5 rolls): $142.18 / $117.15
120 pro pack (5 rolls): $137.57 / £166.96
4x5 sheets (10 sheets): $164.95/ 135.91

Portra 800
1 roll 36xp: $31.69 / £26.11
120 pro pack (5 rolls): $167.44 / £137.96

Ultra Max 800
1 roll 36xp: $15.88 / £13.08

Kodak Tri-X 400

(Image credit: B&H)

Unfortunately, the bad news doesn't stop there as Kodak's popular line of black-and-white film is also seeing a price increase:

T-Max 100
1 roll 24xp: $18.00 / £14.83
1 roll 36xp: $21.55 / £17.76
4x5 (50 sheets): $376.40 / £310.13

Tri-X: 400
1 roll 24xp: $18.38 / £15.14
1 roll 36xp: $21.93 / £18.07
120 pro pack (5 rolls): $113.82 / £138.14

These price increases will yet again hit the analog community very hard, and some of you might even think of switching back to digital. However, these are only for Kodak film stocks – so while you might be Kodak's biggest fan ever, it might be time to take a look at alternatives, especially in the monochrome realm, from the likes of Ilford and Fomapan.

And of course, these increases are only for Japan – but historically, prices rolled out there are a precursor to similar increases in the rest of the world. So, put bluntly, if you don't want to switch from Kodak then you'd better put your money where your mouth is and order in bulk before the price hikes on January 16…

If this has been interesting, why not take a look at our best film cameras guide to help your next camera purchase or better still take a look at our best film guide to help you move away from Kodak?

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