Amazon Prime Day 2023: the camera deals to expect this year in Australia

Amazon Prime Day
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Amazon Prime Day doesn't typically happen until the middle of year, so why are we talking about it in March we hear you ask. Well, that's because it's always a good idea to be prepared so you don't end up splurging on something you might regret. This gives you the time to do your research, figure out what kind of gear you want and, more importantly, keep an eye on the prices in the lead up to the big sale so you know you're getting a good deal.

There's no official date for Prime Day 2023 yet and we're likely not going to get any confirmation from Amazon Australia until perhaps a week or two before the deals bonanza kicks off. That said, we've been covering the sale since it started in 2018 and can make some predictions.

Below is everything we know so far about Amazon Prime Day 2023 and what we can expect in terms of dates and deals this year.

Amazon Prime Day 2023 date and time

As we've just mentioned, there's no official dates for Amazon Prime Day 2023 yet, but it typically takes place in the middle of July each year, starting off on a Tuesday, with some rare exceptions.

So indulge us while we take a look at the dates for the past Prime Day sales so we can make an educated guess on when the next one will be.

Australia's first ever Prime Day took place July 16-17, 2018. The following year it was on July 15-17, 2019 (the first time it expanded to being a 65-hour sale in Australia). 2020 was the exception, with the Covid-19 pandemic putting a spanner in the works and the sale getting pushed back to October 13-15. It then got moved ahead to June 21-13 in 2021, and it went back to normal last year with Prime Day 2022 taking place between July 12-14.

See the pattern there? If all goes well, we're quite sure that Prime Day 2023 will be mid-July again, possibly July 11-13. However, keep in mind that those dates aren't written in stone as they're speculation on part, an extrapolation if you will, so take it with a pinch of salt for now.

We will keep this article updated as more information comes through and you'll be the first to hear as soon as we have an official date for the big sale.

How to make the most of Amazon Prime Day

Despite the name, most of the deals offered during Amazon Prime Day are open to everyone, but if you really want to make the most of it and maximise your savings, it's best to be a Prime member. There are several offers that are only available to subscribers, so signing up (opens in new tab) means you won't miss out on the really juicy bargains.

However, you don't need to shell out for a monthly membership in order to make the most of the sales festivities. Instead, why not sign up for a 30-day free trial (opens in new tab) closer to the sale in order to take advantage of the discounts – and then simply cancel the membership when Prime Day is over.

If you do sign up now, you'll also be able to take advantage of the other free perks that come with a Prime subscription, namely full access to Prime Video, Prime Reading (a 'lite' version of Kindle Unlimited) and Prime Gaming (another version of Twitch). Plus, of course, the free-and-fast shipping promise is there for all eligible products.

Do cameras go on sale for Prime Day?

If you're after a bargain on a camera body, lens or other photography accessories, you can save a packet by shopping on Amazon during Prime Day.

It should be noted that not all camera brands are available on Amazon, with Sony being the main omission. If you aren't too fussed about Sony cameras and lenses, then Amazon is a treasure trove. 

Canon, Nikon, Olympus/OM System and Fujifilm are the usual suspects that get some serious price drops for Prime Day. Panasonic cameras also get discounted, but typically that's been on the micro four thirds models and not the S-series full-frame cameras.

There are plenty of instant cameras that get discounted for Prime Day too, particularly the Fujifilm Instax range, but you'll also find some Polaroids there too, alongside some international models shipping in from Amazon US and UK. If you do choose an international model, make sure you're able to buy the compatible film refills locally.

Action cameras from Insta360 and DJI also do get discounted, with Amazon being one of the rare retailers to actually stock the former brand.

If you're after a model or brand that isn't available or discounted on Amazon, chances are eBay might have a competing sale and you could save a pretty penny there. So be sure to shop around if you're after the best camera deals.

When can you get the best deals on cameras?

The best time to buy a new camera or lens would be during massive sales such as Prime Day or Black Friday. The discounts are definitely a lot better during these times.

While Prime Day only gets you offers on products sold on Amazon, Black Friday is when pretty much every specialist camera retailer will offer discounts and the competition to offer the best prices will be high.

That said, Amazon typically has the best prices on the cameras and lenses it stocks, even outside of sales events. So do keep an eye on prices on the retail giant's site.

How to find the best camera deals during Prime Day

If you're shopping for a new kit – whether it's your first camera, a gift for someone or an upgrade – it helps to keep a few things in mind when shopping during Prime Day.

1. Try and sign up for a free Amazon Prime subscription
This should give you full access to the sale, including Prime-exclusive offers. You can cancel at any time.

2. Figure out what you want to buy beforehand
Shopping any major sale can be overwhelming. So knowing exactly what you're after can save you both time and money. Take the time to do some research on price histories of the items you would like to buy. While camera prices don't necessarily fluctuate too much, it's still good to know whether a deal is worth your hard-earned money – after all, we don't upgrade our cameras as often as we do our phones, so the investment is best made with some thought.

3. Be flexible on what you want
Sometimes the specific model you want may not be discounted, but if you aren't faithful to a specific brand, you might get a better offer on a camera from a different brand – one with similar specs. This is easier with APS-C models more than full frames, but if you're open to the idea of a different model, it might make bargain hunting a little more economical. We also admit that this is easier for people looking for their first camera and not already tied down with a specific system. You could also look into third-party lenses for your camera bodies instead of opting for the one made by the brand.

4. Create a wish list
Once you've narrowed down what you're after, you can save them in a wish list on Amazon. This will also show you price fluctuations (if any) in the lead up to the sale and makes it really super quick and easy to then move the item to your shopping cart directly from there.

5. Check back through the event
We've noticed in the past that Amazon's prices change through the duration of the sale. Sometimes a piece of camera gear will be cheaper on day two of the sale. So while it might be worthwhile picking something up as soon as the offer has gone live on the shopping site (particularly if stock is limited), it could pay to wait too. If stock hasn't run out, then you could save yourself a few more dollars.

6. Stick with us
Not to toot our own horn, but if you're willing to get some help, we'll be on hand to scour Amazon Australia for the best deals on photography gear. We won't list them all, but we will hand-pick what might be the best options across the different categories of gear. This could make it quick and easy for you to find a specific deal rather than spend hours going through the shopping site to find a particular option.

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