7 ugliest dogs in the UK "win" photo contest

Britains ugliest dog
Meet Bella, Peggy and Marnie – three of the UK's seven ugliest dogs (Image credit: Britain's Ugliest Dog / ParrotPrint)

Not many owners would want to admit their dog is ugly, but sometimes you just have to accept the fact that the adorable quota was full by the time it got around to your pet. 

In complete contrast to our recent story on the Dog Photography Awards, which featured picture-perfect pooches, these seven canines have been named the United Kingdom's Ugliest Dogs. 

I feel mean just writing that, but hey – at least ugly dogs have their day, too. Included in the seven ugliest dogs list is Marnie, a French Bulldog from Wiltshire (above, right) and Winston, a British Bulldog from the West Midlands (below) who is described by his owner as “a cross between a grumpy old man and a naughty school kid”.

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The owner of Jazz, a Brusston from North Wales, is well aware her pooch isn't photogenic; when she shows her to people, “they usually go quiet and are lost for words.” Poor Jazz! 

Pugs are a love-or-hate breed at the best of times and, while some might be seen as a fashion symbol, Bella from Sheffield (top, left) looks more like the 'shocked face' emoji only with some added tongue for good measure.

Marnie, a French Bulldog from Wiltshire (Image credit: Britain's ugliest dog / ParrotPrint)

Making a name for themselves at an early age are one-year-old puppies, Roger and Milo. Roger is a pug/toy poodle cross from Brighouse, West Yorkshire, whose comical overbite means that his bottom teeth are always on show, making him look goofy. Milo, a French Bulldog from Kent has that same toothy grin, only he also seems to be missing an eye – and I can’t help but feel sad that he’s on this list at all. 

Perhaps the truly ugliest dog on the list (sorry / congratulations) is Peggy, a three-year-old Pug Chinese Crested Mix from East Yorkshire (top, middle). Her barely-there fur and a tongue that droops out the side of her mouth aren't enough to stop this pup from feeling regal. Captured wearing a crown of pearls and matching necklace, not only does Peggy seem to think that she's royalty, but she’s also appeared on the UK's breakfast magazine show, This Morning – so she's a real celeb in the making. 

Milo, a 1-year old French Bulldog from Kent (Image credit: Britain's ugliest dog / ParrotPrint)

"We received hundreds of entries and these seven were the ones who made our eyes hurt when we looked at them," said Matt Dahan, the founder of ParrotPrint.com which is behind the competition. 

"There really are some ugly mutts out there in the UK and we hope our contest will celebrate the best of them. We were clear from the outset that no pretty pets need apply and these seven certainly could not be described as good-looking in any way, shape or form."

Just one of these pooches can be crowned the ugliest dog in the UK, and will win a doggy makeover and photoshoot. The judges now have the task of deciding which one is the ugliest, with the overall winner being announced in February. We know which mutt our money is on…

Jazz, a Brusston from North Wales (Image credit: Britain's ugliest dog / ParrotPrint)

Roger, a Pug, Toy Poodle and Ugly Boi cross from West Yorkshire (Image credit: Britain's ugliest dog / ParrotPrint)

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