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We focus on training photographers to be the best they can be in a competitive market, while inspiring amateurs with the skills they need to turn pro. 

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Digital Photographer (opens in new tab)

Digital Photographer (opens in new tab) is a monthly magazine, and the kitbag essential for enthusiasts and amateurs alike!

Inside, you'll find practical guides, shooting tips and techniques from working photographers, plus all the latest industry news.

Get 3 issues for £3/ $3/€3 (opens in new tab)

What do you get in every issue of Digital Photographer?

Firstly we have some of the most in-depth long-form features of any magazine, covering all genres of photography. But we don't just scratch the surface - with all our content we provide a quick introduction to the topic, but quickly get our teeth stuck into the details: the high-end tips only the best pros are using, the insider tricks for maximum success and advice for how to apply all this to start making money from your passion.

All of our features include spectacular photography to entertain and inspire your imagination, accompanied with in-depth tutorials, photographer profiles, kit advice and software masterclasses.

In our Creative Pro Project section, each month we guide you through a high-end photography technique from start to finish. This might be how to shoot a billboard-worthy advertising image, a mouthwatering food shot, an artistic still-life, a stunning portrait or a dazzling product image. We cover the kit, the shooting steps and the post-processing workflow, on a journey from RAW file to finished image. Importantly all projects are written so that everything you learn can be applied in another context, adding to your professional skill set.

Every issue we feature a shooting tutorial, which breaks down a potentially tricky topic into a few manageable steps. Whether you are interested in landscape photography, magical macro shots, wildlife studies or want to brush up on your flash techniques, there is something new for you to learn. 

Our Shoot Like a Pro section is a little different. Every month one of our team joins a working professional photographer on a live shoot, analysing their creative approach and going behind the scenes to reveal some of their closely guarded working processes.  

If that all isn't enough we interview incredible names in photography every issue, in our main interview pages, break down some iconic images in our Pro Analysis spread, reveal the secrets behind the editing techniques used by some of the most famous influencers on the planet and cover the inside scoops on the latest industry news.

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Digital Photographer

Digital Photographer is the ultimate monthly photography magazine for enthusiasts and pros in today’s digital marketplace.

Every issue readers are treated to interviews with leading expert photographers, cutting-edge imagery, practical shooting advice and the very latest high-end digital news and equipment reviews. The team includes seasoned journalists and passionate photographers such as the Editor Peter Fenech (opens in new tab), who are well positioned to bring you authoritative reviews and tutorials on cameras, lenses, lighting, gimbals and more.

Whether you’re a part-time amateur or a full-time pro, Digital Photographer aims to challenge, motivate and inspire you to take your best shot and get the most out of your kit, whether you’re a hobbyist or a seasoned shooter.