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10 things Jason Momoa can't live without – including a trio of cameras!

10 things Jason Momoa can't live without… including a trio of cameras!
(Image credit: YouTube: GQ)

Jason Momoa, star of DC Universe movies Aquaman and Justice League, is known for loving cameras. However, if you ever doubted how much he loves them, he has just put three of them on his list of ten things he can't live without. 

Last year Momoa, a de facto Red ambassador, filmed a "YouTube review" of the Red Komodo. And in this new video by GQ (below), he waxed lyrical about his love for Leicas – both the classic Leica M2 and M3, as well as the Leica M-10P

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"I absolutely love photography," says Momoa while brandishing one of his black paint Leica bodies. "This is my M2. I generally have an M2 or an M3 as a film camera. That’s a 50mm lens – yeah, it’s just a beautiful workhorse. I love Leicas, and I just love being able to shoot film, but at the same time I love shooting digital too.

"I just fell in love with this camera, [the] M10-P. It’s shooting through like 1930s and 40s glass but using digital. So my whole idea is to be able to take something that’s so crisp and clear with digital, but be able to shoot with old glass. I enjoy experimenting with that kind of stuff."

As noted, it's not just stills cameras that get the former Game of Thrones star's motor running; he's also a huge fan of one of the best cinema cameras from Red. "So this thing’s 6K, it’s in the palm of your hand, it’s insane: it’s the Red Komodo, and they made me a brass one. 

"I was annoyed by my mother at a very early age, she would pull over constantly. We’d be driving trying to get somewhere, and she’d pull over and need to take a picture, and pull over and need to take a picture, until I realised, when I saw my mother’s pictures and I could see her eye and see how she captured things and see how she saw the world. 

"After I got into acting then I, you know, it just really linked up with cinematography, so I started shooting." 

While there are plenty of famous celebrity photographers, few are quite as hardcore about their passion as Momoa. After all, who else has a camera with a custom made brass knuckle attachment? Make sure to check out the whole GQ video above to see what else made his list of ten essentials! 

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